Practices of Blended Inquiry
Practices of Blended Inquiry

Practices of Blended Inquiry

A presentation on “Oceanic Pasts, Presents & Futures” for the DOPE conference.

On March 25, 2022, we engaged in an experimental presentation on our project at the annual Dimensions of Political Ecology conference. Inspired largely by Helen’s contributions, we had begun to interrogate not only the entangled circulation of marine biomaterials in the world, but also our own entanglements with them and with the oceans through personal histories–engagements with place, political economies, and imagined resource futures. Rather than a linear format of four standard presentations, we instead presented a series of short, interlaced reflections on our work and its implications for political ecology inquiry. Through the presentation, we considered how marine organisms are tied to futures we aim to co-produce as well as those we would prefer to avoid, disrupt, or dismantle altogether. You can listen to the full audio here – we recommend turning on the closed captioning (the CC button in the lower right) to follow along with the text.

We invite feedback or reflections on your own research experiences in the comments.


  1. I was very impressed by the narrative and poetic storytelling. It lent a very human side to what could be an other than stimulating topic to an outsider from the academic world within which all of you reside. The topics of the marine life that you study and your relationship to the environment were beautifully illustrated through the vocalization. Thank you!

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